About Brad


Brad Nickel has 26 years of leadership experience in Marketing, Technology, and Business Development. He is a strategic thinker with the ability to rapidly adapt to the changing marketing and technology landscape to gain the most bang for budget, time, and effort. He is a marketing strategist and technology nerd all rolled into one.

He is currently the founder and CEO of ClickBrain, LLC. ClickBrain is a strategic advisory and app development company operating as CB1. He is also a partner in the Sea Planners Group, Mark 5 Strategies, and CodeKids Camp. He advises CEOs and other executives on their technology strategy, marketing, and leadership as well as providing UI/UX consultations through AppShredder.com. Brad also acts as an adjunct professor at Florida International University in their MBA program teaching seminars on presentation skills.

In 2008 Brad took on the VP of Marketing role at Landry & Kling, Inc.  and Seasite.com. Within one year he added the additional role of VP of Development in order to take over development of Seasite.com a group cruise search and booking engine. He restarted the project and in 8 weeks developed and launched an extensive custom group cruise search portal and RFP tool. Simultaneously, he and his team developed an innovative SEO, social media, blogging, and integrated advertising program utilizing in-house and outsourced talent that met all initial qualified traffic goals.

Prior to his role at Landry and Kling, he was VP of Marketing, Product Management, and VP of SOHO for Venali, an Internet Fax company with 150 employees. While there he used blogs, content marketing strategies, web advertising, and more to drive significantly higher sales and profits for the company. His team increased qualified leads and sales for the Fortune 500 unit by well over 400% on a month to month basis. He and his team revamped the entire Channel Sales infrastructure and APIs for the Channel group, redefined the company’s partnering strategy, and reinvigorated integrators in their network via a customized partner portal. Finally, his team grew the SOHO business unit by 10% month after month by revamping the online signup process, creating(and leveraging) new partnerships with companies like Microsoft, and with a more aggressive marketing and SEO strategy.

From 2001 until 2005, Brad built a web marketing firm called ClickBrain that served small businesses and created a one-of-a-kind platform and business model for successfully managing dozens of companies web presence, advertising, content creation and management via outsourced freelance talent.

In 1999 he built the world’s first Application Service Provider on the web for small businesses and created innovative Internet marketing campaigns that grew AppsOnline.com(a subsidiary of Interliant) far beyond original projections.

In 1997 he conceived of and his team at Equitrac developed the one of the world’s first tabbed web browsers and conceived of and developed the primary network printing interface used in all networked printers and photocopiers. They also recreated the company’s product strategy and aggressively pursued and gained new partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Canon, Xerox, and numerous others to move the company from being a purely vertical play and into the general corporate arena. He began building the company’s first web site in 1995 by hand using a txt editor and later FrontPage.

His early career was split between managing political campaigns and technology consulting. To this day he credits his marketing and management expertise to his experience selling human beings to voters.