I’ve been working in the technology and marketing arenas for 25 years. I am based in Miami, FL and serve a number of clients in South Florida, but am available for virtual or on location consultations and I spend a good amount of time giving seminars on web marketing, social media, presentation skills, and leadership.

The most important component of everything I’ve learned is effective leadership. With much trial and error, I’ve gotten better and better at leading people to their own success. I’m not even sure its proper to call it leading, when what leading really is is training, guiding, pushing, and trusting. When I set basic goals, provide the fundamental information they need, and push people along their way, I find I get a great deal more out of folks than they or I ever expected.

My marketing, technology, strategic, and web services include:

  • strategic consulting
  • social media planning and implementation
  • web marketing(SEO, SEM, and other marketing tactics)
  • blog(weblog) planning, strategy, and management
  • technology strategy and planning
  • web development and management
  • event speaking
  • leadership, marketing, and technology training and seminars
  • small to medium sized business technology planning and  implementation

Feel free to contact me you need any of the services I provide, including help with marketing, social media, technology development, leading, or training.

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