Brad Nickel - CEO coach, strategist, and mentor

Brad helps CEOs from around the world improve leadership, strategy, marketing, and product choices.

At one point or another, we’ve all needed advice as we built our own companies or progressed in our careers. Typically we seek advice from people that have made enough mistakes and have had enough successes in their lives that they can help us make better decisions. That is what I do for my clients. I am a sounding board for strategies, technology decisions, marketing tactics and planning, hiring and leading and much much more.

Having had a career as a successful entrepreneur and executive, I’ve seen a lot, made plenty of mistakes and learned from them and I’ve had my fair share of successful venture. Now I help CEOs and executives make better decisions based on what I’ve learned and often what they instinctively know, but about which they are having difficulty making a choice.

My role as a coach or advisor is often one that involves high stakes, big emotions, high stress, and significant decisions and so part of the job is also counselor. I love all of it and I enjoy helping people succeed and teaching them some of what I know. I’ve had great advisors in my life that helped me avoid bad choices and make strong positive ones and now I get to pass the knowledge gained from them to another groups of leaders.

I’ve been working in the technology and marketing arenas for 26 years. I am based in Miami and serve a number of clients in South Florida, but have worked with companies around the world and I am available for virtual or on location consultations. I also spend a good amount of time giving seminars on web marketing, social media, presentation skills, and leadership and am available to teach what I’ve learned to groups.

The most important component of everything I’ve learned is effective leadership. With much trial and error, I’ve gotten better and better at leading people to their own success. I’m not even sure its proper to call it leading, when what leading really is is training, guiding, pushing, and trusting. When I set basic goals, provide the fundamental information they need, and push people along their way, I find I get a great deal more out of folks than they or I ever expected.

My marketing, technology, strategic, and web services include:

  • strategic consulting
  • executive / CEO coaching
  • marketing and launch strategies
  • technology product strategic planning
  • web development and management
  • user interface and user experience guidance
  • leadership, marketing, and technology training and seminars

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

Brad brought to the conversation a wealth of valuable insights. He spent the time going through our information previous to the call, so our call was productive from the get go. As a result of the call with Brad we starting fine-tuning our marketing strategy. Brad also gave us specific tips on how to test our marketing initiatives. Very useful conversation!

Juan Olano


Brad is a stickler for detail and an expert on customer user interfaces and web-based advertising techniques. I worked with Brad on a high profile marketing campaign at Seasite, LLC which required some sophisticated customer relationship management and product management skills. Brad’s leadership and technical acumen in this process was instrumental in delivering a pixel perfect product resulting in improved customer relations and an enhanced web presence. Clearly his 24 years in marketing and IT was put the test on this project resulting in a highly successful solution with an “outside of the box” strategy. I learned a lot from Brad and look forward to working with him in the near future.

Jeffrey Austin White

Had a short call with Brad who was hugely helpful. I felt like I was at a crossroads, not knowing which road to take, and after the call I know exactly where to go. Thanks Brad!

Robert Neckelius


Brad’s extensive marketing experience with web-based promotions, education and publishing helped the Channel division promote partner solutions that made our company unique in our industry space. Brad’s expertise, exceptional marketing vision, and his team’s integral participation enhanced our Channel sales with unparalleled results.

Bob Buettner

Director of Channel Sales, Venali

As part of a corporate marketing team Brad put together, we not only established a strong brand identity for a global telecommunications company but developed a successful marketing strategy for online sales. On behalf of our team, I can say that Brad not only was able motivate us as a team but also dedicated to each one of us individually.

I hope to continue working with Brad as I have come rely on his expertise in marketing and always enjoy our collaboration. Brad is a good friend.

Robert Wallace

Creative Director, Venali

Brad demonstrated to me that he understood what business is all about. He thrived under adversity. Almost without exception, he put the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he was, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. I admired him for his many valuable qualities, and regarded him with evermore respect.

Richie Doletina


As VP of Marketing, Brad was a terrific manager who respected his team and was able to assess and sharpen the individual skill sets of each team member, myself included.

Brad was instrumental in growing our company’s marketing initiatives and fostered a collaborative environment. He inspired me to learn more and motivated our team to effectively and efficiently solve our marketing communication challenges, particularly in technology and social media.

Brad generated enthusiasm about the marketing process and was always upbeat and positive, which spilled over to other departments in the company. He is a tremendous asset to any organization and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I worked with him. Without reservation, I highly recommend Brad for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.


All I can say is Brad is a gem of a person that exemplifies what it means to be an altruistic, selfless, generous, kind, and honest individual. I will forever be grateful to Clarity for creating such a wonderful, amazing platform. I highly, confidently, and most definitely recommend Brad!

Raphael Chudaitov

CEO, Advolve